Iron Fist 2CD Mediabook Re-Issue

Iron Fist 2CD Mediabook Re-Issue

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A 40th anniversary celebration of the seminal 1982 Motörhead album which was the last to feature the three amigos lineup of Lemmy, Fast Eddie And Philthy Animal Taylor

This deluxe double CD, 24 page mediabook includes :
· Iron Fist; Brand new remaster from the original tapes for hammer fist blow volume. 
· Live album of a previously unreleased, full concert recorded at Glasgow Apollo on 18/3/1982. Originally broadcast on Radio Clyde.
· The story of Iron Fist, told through previously unpublished and new interviews with the people that were there at the time.
· Never before seen photos and rare memorabilia.
· Newly unearthed, previously unreleased demo tracks and outtakes from the recording sessions. 


  1. Iron Fist 
  2. Heart of Stone 
  3. I'm the Doctor 
  4. Go to Hell 
  5. Loser 
  6. Sex and Outrage 
  7. America 
  8. Shut it Down 
  9. Speedfreak 
  10. (Don't Need) Religion 
  11. Bang to Rights 
  12. Remember Me, I'm Gone (Demo)
  13. The Doctor (Demo)
  14. Young & Crazy (Demo)
  15. Loser (Demo)
  16. Lemmy Goes to the Pub 
  17. Some Old Song, I'm Gone (Demo) 
  18. (Don't Let 'Em) Grind Ya Down (Alternate Version)
  19. Shut it Down (Demo)
  20. Sponge Cake (Instrumental)
  21. Ripsaw Teardown (Instrumental)
  22. Peter Gunn (Instrumental)

CD 2 - Live At Glasgow Appollo, 18/03/1982

  1. Iron Fist 
  2. Heart of Stone 
  3. Shoot you in the Back 
  4. The Hammer 
  5. Loser 
  6. Jailbait 
  7. America 
  8. White Line 
  9. (Don't Need) Religion 
  10. Go to Hell 
  11. Capricorn 
  12. (Don't Let 'Em) Grind Ya Down 
  13. (We Are The) Road Crew 
  14. Ace of Spades 
  15. Bite The Bullet 
  16. The Chase is Better Than the Catch 
  17. Overkill
  18. Bomber 
  19. Motörhead 

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